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Hi all! Your COTW momentarily, but first: as part of my awesome social media strategy, I am going to do a once-a-month reminders that I have a social media strategy! Apologies to everyone for whom this is old hat, but I figure the first COTW of the month is a good a place as any to let new and/or intermittent readers know that I have a:

I put the same material up on pretty much all of these, so really you should just pic the service you like best and subscribe to that one. Or none! I won’t be mad! (Just disappointed.) I’ll also link to new Comics Curmudgeon posts from each of these, so perhaps you will find them a good way to keep up with the blog?

Anyway, with that out of the way: your COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“Know what would be super-smug of Mary? Calling the Smiths and offering to help find their daughter by correcting the punctuation on their sign. ‘Quotation marks without quotes? Questions without question marks? The first step to finding your daughter is to have standards.’” –Edgy DC

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Sophie reveals more of her robot heritage here, as evidenced by her allocation of resources. ‘Boy can see me? Present breasts. Boy cannot see me? Store breasts for later use.'” –Yusaku777

“So how many feathers do you figure are in that pie?” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“Are there any 60s dance experts who can identify what J. Jonah is doing in that first panel? Is that, like, the Frug or the Watusi or something?” –Eli

Today’s Spider-Man demonstrates there is nothing quite as satisfying as taking a large dump when you call your boss with bad news.” –NoahSnark

“This is disturbing. Mary never lets ANYONE ‘lead the way’. Must be because she plans to hit Toby from behind. Oh, Toby, you never should have said the words ‘There are websites’. We all make mistakes. But that’s a serious one, Toby.” –Mustang

“I think Mary Worth isn’t so much handing down the commandments as she is branding them, ‘Mary Worth’s Thou Shalt Not Steal!’ Sort of like the Huffington Post — she’s just trying to get them out there to a broader readership, like hers, you know?” –The Diamond in the Window

“Check out Loweezy’s horrified expression when Snuffy tells her that he no longer has access to Farmer Johnson’s live chickens. She is clearly worried that, lacking his usual outlet, Snuffy will begin making sexual demands of her. Her nigh-hysterical relief upon his production of linked sausages gives us yet another unwelcome window on the sexual dynamics of their marriage.” –Lily Sincere

“I’m not sure if that panel 1 hand that has left Deke so shaken is supposed to be Gil flashing a Masonic hand sign or Kaz breaking the sound barrier as he karate chops the air, but either one should be enough to get the boosters to fall into line.” –Effluvius Erratus

“Also, I love Mr. Weatherbee’s reaction. He’s all, ‘Goddammit, way to ruin our refined afternoon tea with this talk about small human beings bursting forth from teenage vaginas.'” –Sugar Sugar

“Given how terrified Deke looks in the first panel, I’m pretty sure he’s reacting to Gil’s first sentence. ‘My loyalties are misplaced? He knows I’m a secret Al Qaeda operative — oh, wait, phew. He’s just talking about this high school shit.'” –Sock Puppet

“I think Prof. Cameron posting flyers of Toby pretending to be a missing 10 year old is in poor taste but I have to admire the detail they put into their kinky fantasy games.” –Krazy Kat

“I’d like to think the reason Paul’s dad has a copy of LuAnn’s marriage certificate is due to constantly using the Freedom of Information Act to slowly duplicate all government records, which will somehow aid in his family’s secession from the Union. ‘Oh good, my request for the White House’s water bills came in. Ha! These fools are digging their own grave!'” –Dennis the Two and a Half Menace

“Reading Gil Thorp is like having Asperger’s. I feel much smarter than everyone I see, but I don’t understand the emotions they’re expressing.” –Squeak

This wouldn’t be necessary if someone would take his tapeworm medicine.” –Walker of Dog

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