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Crankshaft, 12/3/11

Oh, look, this week’s Crankshaft ended whimsically after all! Crankshaft’s nemesis built a mailbox out of the rock-hard inedible brownies, and Crankshaft caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to school district property when he backed into it. Also, three children in the back row of seats on the bus were terribly injured.

Gil Thorp, 12/3/11

It’s been far too long since we were treated to the Bucket, Milford’s inexplicably popular teen hangout spot, as a component of vaguely filthy-sounding conversation in Gil Thorp. The last three panels here may not quite reach the level of “Liz Ritter all but forces Stormy Hicks to go to the bucket,” but they’re not far off.