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Are you ready to roll into the weekend with your comment of the week?

“Mark did not erase Kelly Welly’s memory card, he simply stole it. It took Mark several hours to open the little door to get the card out, at which point I suspect he simply swallowed it since the concept of ‘deleting’ the contents would require a level of computer savvy far beyond that of eating pancakes, Mark’s only discernible skill.” –Not Just Any Dipstick

And your extremely amusing runners up?

“Does Randy understand he doesn’t need to maintain eye contact with his phone for it to work?” –Amazing Braino

‘TOMMIE’ is clearly a cheap Chinese knockoff of The Who album ‘Tommy,’ featuring songs like ‘Pinnbal Wizzard’ and ‘Smush the Mirorr.'” –mgm

“I’m excited to hear Mim’s story. Clearly she somehow managed to escape the A3G black hole, settle in to the normal passage of time, and become several years older than her aunt.” –brian

“So wait, why does Mark have to wait until he gets back to the house to call Tommy? His shirt-phone clearly works outside.” –Francisco Arrowroot

If you’re all fired up for getting a tattoo, you can take mine. No, seriously, take it, rip it from my skin. It is a mark of eternal shame that I will otherwise be forced to carry to my grave.” –Notebooked

“Yes, despite your transparent attempts to stall me and keep me here, I will take a dish of complimentary ice cream to go, thinks the World’s Worst Kidnapper.” –Esther Blodgett

That Mark Trail is like a Sesame Street sketch about camera angles. ‘Toooo Far!’ … ‘Tooo Close!'” –AndyL

“I’m now thinking about winning strategies for playing a day long pooping game show. THANK YOU FOR RUINING MY DAY!!!!” –Eau de Plugger

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