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Shoe, 3/7/12

OK, I know it’s tricky to try to read the expressions bird-people, but Roz’s heavy-lidded look in panel two strikes me as quite sad; that, combined with the finality of “I never had children”, makes the strip poignant. Do you think Roz is feeling maudlin and ruminating about the family life she never had, or that she’s thinking about her theoretical child being hurled to its death because she left it on top of her car?

In other news, Roz apparently says “OMG” aloud, which, LOL.

Family Circus, 3/7/12

In the generally edgeless and saccharine world of the Keane Kompound, it can be easy to forget that, in an act of long-ago whimsy, the more popular of the Keane family dogs was given the hilariously disgusting name “Barfy.” But then you have panels like this, where the kids cheerfully talk about being constantly covered with Barfy-slobber, and suddenly it’s a fact that seems very unsettling.