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Hey, everybody! I am about to depart for a week or so of vacation, and so your favorite Uncle Lumpy will be filling in until the 25th. But I will leave you with your comment … of the week!

“I’m having a pang of sympathy for the singular ‘my good plate’, implying that there existed only one. Everything else in Thel’s life is made of D-grade plastic and child-proof rubber. Can she just have one ceramic item, reminiscent of how actual humans — i.e., those not futilely trying to keep a brood of mutated potato children alive in spite of their own mental deformities — live? No. No she cannot.” –David Schraub

And your runners up! Very funny!

‘Nobody’ is the ghost of Lyman from Garfield. Clearly he is now in Hell.” –sporknpork

“As I get older, I like to sit back in my comfortable overstuffed chair, meds in reach, and read the back cover of a good crossword magazine.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“So Mary wears pearls on her walk and Toby rocks the jean-shorts-and-Depends™ look.” –Bootsy

‘…and she bristled at my disapproval!’ ‘What did she divulge?’ I’m certain their lips were not synchronized to the dialogue.” –hcv

She bristled at my disapproval! I do not understand, since all I did was point out what I perceive to be her obvious flaws in the most condescending way possible. Who doesn’t enjoy that? I naturally assumed she would, since I have absolutely no concept of how interpersonal relationships work.” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“Or did you mean ‘facts of life’ as a euphemism for fucking? Because you give me unfettered access to Google, so I’m pretty much up to speed on that.” –Doctor Handsome

“Man, nothing happens in Judge Parker for months at a time, then I stop paying attention two days, and suddenly people are pointing rifles at assistant track coaches?” –Chip Whittle

“Surely Margo is mainly in favor of a healthy baby because they’re the best eatin’?” –Manic-Depressive Mouse

“I read Margo’s line in the most sarcastic voice I could. ‘Ooooh, poooor wittle Scottie, needing the help of mommie Margo. Christ, no wonder his wife doesn’t want a baby, she already has him.'” –Lord-z

Mark Trail: “This robbery was doomed from the beginning if McCheese-brain is willing to throw in the towel AT THE FIRST SIGHTING OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. ‘Don’t be a fool Jeff! They’ll surround us with their square jaws and blind dog. We’re trapped in here (with guns)!'” –Stickerz

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