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Luann, 3/16/12

Well, give Luann credit for this: the possibility that a character might be gay is brought up in the non-condemning context of trying to figure out why he doesn’t connect romantically with girls. But that goodwill is pretty much negated by implying that being the only son of a single mother is a root cause of gayness, and whatever positive sentiments are left are mercilessly stamped out by Gunther cringing in terror as he describes a certain part of him that knows he wants to make sex to females. (SPOILER: It’s his penis. His horrifying penis.) The upside is that, by the time I got to Gunther going on about how he’s sure Rosa’s done it with lots of dudes, I couldn’t really feel much of anything any more.

Family Circus, 3/16/12

I like the skeptical look Ma Keane is giving Billy from the background. “Wait, that’s not even a pun! Sorry, kid, the adorable malapropism bar is set pretty high around here. You’re going to have to do better than that.”