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Judge Parker, 5/13/12

You know I’m a fan of people scowling sullenly in continuity strips, and today’s Judge Parker offers us a doozy! What’s the matter, Sam, are you sad because your once reputable law firm has suddenly become a literary agency for Judge Parker Emeritus’s terrible books and/or a wedding planning consultancy? Ha ha, just kidding, Sam’s law firm has never been “reputable.”

I am intrigued by our first glimpse of the Sam’s new antagonist, Avery Blackstone, who seems more than capable of holding his own in the coming effete-rich-guy-off. “Stewardess, your barbaric in-flight meal has caused minor discomfort to my digestive system! I demand that you vivisect one of the unfortunates in coach in order to fetch me a new one. Quickly now!”

Mark Trail, 5/13/12

I’m pretty sure Mark put all those boring snoresville facts about tuna in the throwaway panels just to make sure that his editors didn’t even bother to read past them to the part where he basically dared comics-reading children around the world to eat dangerous pufferfish. “Yeah, a bunch of nerd scientists are trying to make boring, safe fugu, the kind your mom would eat. What about you? Are you man enough to eat the real thing? The kind that might kill you? You’re not a little baby, are you? Baby want his bottle?”