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The weekend can’t really start without your comment of the week, right?

“If one wasn’t familiar with Jack’s oeuvre, you might just think he’s a rabid pro-smoking activist. ‘Somebody’s trying to leave Flavor Country in my neck of the woods? NOT ON MY WATCH!'” –Jason

And then there are the runners up! Very funny!

“‘Dad, I’m already upset enough — why are you slapping me in the arm?!’ ‘Because it’ll be a love tap compared to what’ll happen if Worth finds out you’re giving up on LOOOOVE, honey. God, the woman’s insufferable!'” –Mibbitmaker

“Did that teddy bear break out in a smile between panels? ‘Do it! The world is ending, Dawn — nothing matters anymore! I have a gun!'” –Nate

“And do you have any other good news for me, Howie and Carm? I’m still waiting for that first-born you owe me.” –LP2004

“Really, Funky Winkerbean? I don’t want to hear the words ‘turn on’ in any of your strips unless they are followed by the words ‘the oven and stick your head in it.'” –Bootsy

“Now Peter is really concerned, because he remembers how things turned out with Captain America. The early euphoria, the awkward sex, the lingering shame, the gradual loss of contact. And they can’t afford for MJ to lose her job over this. Better go take a nap and ruminate on it a bit.” –Ulysses Pornstache III

“Dagwood is concerned that his extremely square son might be in over his head in the world of DIY punk. When he learns that the boy is, instead, merely a consumerist sheep, he knows that he should feel relieved, but he just feels hollow and confused. ‘What have I raised?’ he wonders. ‘Is this just the times? If that haircut isn’t ironic, what is it?'” –Meeskite

‘Ha ha, good one, Dad!’ No. Not a good one. Not a good one at all.” –Blaise Marcoux

“Nothing says ‘happiest days of our lives’ quite like grayscale balloons.” –Nekrotzar

“I have never seen a teacher so jazzed about being appreciated as Mr. Green.” –Mumblix Grumph

“We call it the Tranquility Room because it’s the only room in the building where the walls aren’t painted that godawful burnt orange.” –Francisco Arrowroot

“Dawn, I hope you know it’s nothing personal. I just like my women blonde and sleeveless.” –GDBenz

“Pluggers apparently need, like, 6 pages of obits. They die in so many ways!” –Chris B

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