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Guys, just a very quick thank you to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter. I managed to blow through my goal and am really overwhelmed by everyone’s support. Now I guess I have a novel to write! Stay tuned!

But you don’t have to wait any longer for this week’s comment of the week!

“J. Jonah Jameson’s look of unrestrained glee is quite possibly the best thing ever. You can almost hear him shouting insanity in the background. ‘Yes, YES! Restrain this son of a bitch! Rough him up! Rip his goddamn arms off a little more! MAKE MORE RANDOM REFERENCES TO PLAYS, OH MY GOD YES'” –Tophat

Or for the runners up! Very funny

“So Weirdly didn’t invent a time machine. Instead, all he did was invent a fucking flying car.” –Scott P.

“But no, Weirdly in his awesome sneakers, steam-punk goggles, stylin’ stash and top-hat has to put up with douchemaster Slylock Fox, whose rudimentary knowledge of basic animal functions allow him to (probably literally) ferret out the idiotic petty criminals in his world who don’t know enough about their own anatomy and basic functionality to even conjure a semi-plausible alibi.” –geekwhisperer

‘What happened to all that conflict?’ ‘Who knows? It melted away.’ Oh, man. That is just … that is a satisfying plot resolution. Josh, I hope you’re taking good notes.” –teddytoad

“Carolingian-era restauranteurs have a lot to learn about maximizing profit-per-square-foot.” –DaveyK

“Now that the Batman trilogy is concluded I believe it is time for Mark Trail to introduce us to Sheepman Begins.” –Shadow of the Hedgehog

“I know that newspaper deadlines make it difficult to make timely, relevant jokes about current events, but I still feel that Brad Anderson could have predicted when Election Day would occur.” –AndyL

Who’d bug us at 8 AM? Don’t they know only people with jobs are up at this hour?” –Doctor Handsome

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