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Guys, your comments of the week are coming shortly, but first: You may remember back when I quit my job that in addition to insanely declaring that I would write a book I also insanely declared that I would be doing live comedy shenanigans? Well, it’s true, I am doing them! I will be part of a couple of shows in the Baltimore area in the next few weeks. Here are the details! Come, it will be funny, promise!

And now, your comment of the week:

“‘It’s a more economical way of getting dressed in the morning?’ queried the Krakthor, shifting its squat, bulbous features underneath the hideous man-disguise so that the head-front would resemble human curiosity.” –bunivasal

And the runners up! Very funny!

“So help me, at first I thought the joke was that Teresa Mae’s husband was having a baby himself, given his position. I mean, it’d probably be best if his feet were in stirrups, but those require precious iron to manufacture.” –Spyglass

“And speaking of experiments that didn’t work, how about we agree that we’re both still heterosexual?” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Jughead’s got that ‘letter to the editor’ face going on.” –sporknpork

“My day, as I had planned it: focus on some upcoming deadlines at work; enjoy some music on the commute home; spend some time with the kids; get my news fix watching the convention. My day as it is actually going to happen: dwell obsessively on the fact that Jamaal’s pants are hanging open.” –Nekrotzar

“Then again, maybe her junior high picture reminds her of a happier time in her life, before she gave birth to The Omen.” –Digger

“Chip was probably asking what band it is, but whatever. ‘This is called an audio recording, son. We used to use them to duplicate sound.'” –Doctor Handsome

“‘Don’t cut your hair like Moe Howard, dear,’ is what Mrs. Worth should be saying to Dawn instead of prattling on and on about the hospital.” –Baka Gaijin

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