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Family Circus, 10/21/12

Ha ha, yes, it’s all good nonpartisan election season fun, but I’d just like to point out that, within the Kompound, the Keane Kids by no means constitute a minority group. In fact, they outnumber Keane adults two to one, which is why it’s all the more important to keep them placated with delicious cookies, lest they rise up in violent revolution.

It’s not surprising that PJ is Big Daddy Keane’s favorite son, though. I think his inability to talk is probably the deciding factor.

Archie, 10/21/12

The real shock here is not that Mr. Lodge is directing his manservant to do his painting for him — after all, many great artists throughout history have mainly come up with concepts and served as more of a supervisor of craftsmen who do the day-to-day work — but that he’s referring to the blue figure in the final panel has having any “flesh tone.” Mr. Lodge’s radical anti-racist show, “Whose Flesh?”, will be premiering in a hip art space in a disused warehouse on the seedy edge of downtown Riverdale next week.