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Hello all! Before we get into today’s comments of the week, let’s just pause to acknowledge that yes, a Family Circus movie is in development. It’s going to be live action rather than CGI, which makes me sad because seeing the melonheaded freaks moving and speaking in 3-D would have probably caused mass hysteria and riots.

And now: Go unto your (hopefully) riot-free weekend with this comment of the week!

“A rabbit accusing a crocodile of raiding a garden pretty much defines projection.” –Downpuppy

And the very funny runners up!

“After six panels of Mary’s platitudes, Jim gets the dry heaves. ‘Make her stop! For the love of god, make her stop!’ Dawn, on the other hand, enters a fugue state when listening to Mary on one of the many loudspeakers which surround the Charterstone complex. It explains her vacuous look which is often confused as a symptom of lead poisoning or beri-beri.” –Hibbleton

“It seems that Weber has been thinking about how to make Slylock Fox more hip. This strip is fairly tame, but get ready for a barrage of mysteries that rely on increasingly insular facts about New York: ‘Slylock knows you can’t get a decent burrito at 8th and 53rd, asshole.'” –Meeskite

“This week, Tom Selleck is Thomas Magnum’s evil twin in Yachting for Danger: the Punchenning.” –pugfuggly

“I briefly considered the idea that today’s Mary Worth might be working up to some kind of complex psychodrama wherein the tormented and delusional Jim becomes increasingly convinced that Dawn is actually his dead sister, with chilling results, but on second thought I thinks it’s far more likely leading to Dawn repeating the conversation verbatim to Mary over translucent pie.” –Violet

“Bill Ellis edits a wildlife magazine because he loves it, not for mere money; his fabulous wealth all comes from his lucrative moonlighting gig in a DEVO cover band.” –Trilobite

“Oh, so that’s what it takes to make the Comics Curmudgeon — draw a really large white penis on your cat! [starts drawing penis on cat]” –Greg

“Next, Avery is led into the Van Gogh wing of the mine, where Sam, Abbey, and the Judge are all cowled and waiting to initiate him into the Illuminati.” –btown

“We’ll need to keep one of you as a hostage. Which one of you punches the hardest?” –Doctor Handsome

Plus Comrade Denny’s review of Rat Hole’s latest gig is too long to qualify but 100% hilarious and you should read it.

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