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Hello all! Your comment of the week momentarily, but first I must remind you (perhaps a bit last-minute) that you have a chance to see my LIVE COMEDY STYLINGS, tomorrow (Saturday) night, if you live in or near Baltimore! My friend, Baltimore music legend Melissa “Ultra” Sharlat, is in a new band called Umami that will be debuting tomorrow night, and I’ll be opening for her, with comedy! Show starts at 9 pm upstairs at Zismos, on the Avenue in Hampden. More information can be found on the Facebook part of the Internet. Be there, or be (unhappily) elsewhere! (I promise I will start to give more than 24 hours’ notice on these things in the future.)

And now, your comment of the week!

“There are many fields in which the phrase ‘It was all Aristotle’s idea’ would apply. Condo selection doesn’t strike me as one of them.” –Pozzo

And your runners up! Very funny!

Judge Parker’s writer heard ‘Chekhov’s gun’ as ‘Any gun seen in the first act must be discharged safely in a controlled cleaning/reload scene by the third act.'” –CanuckDownSouth

“Jim is showing signs of being a possessive abuser. He has known Dawn just a short time, but he is already trying to keep her away from her pier group.” –Alfred E. Neuman

“Avery is a negotiator and is only doing what negotiators do, starting with something big he knows Bubba will never agree to and eventually working his way to what he really wants: A couple doobies and one of those cool skull bongs.” –terrapin

Rex Morgan, M.D.: “‘He looks like a Miami lounge lizard schlub, but a free meal’s a free meal,’ said June, as she shoved her lone bare shoulder closer to his glistening combover.” –tb4000

“I prefer to think of the restaurant as a literal trap, as in, Mrs. Plugger is evaluating options on her menu for smoked bear, fried bear, and bear-ka-bobs. A kangaroo can’t take down a bear that size on her own, so this restaurant and its obliging staff is a nice, low-energy option for her.” –A New Day

“Silly Spider-Man, the diamond tiara is just a red herring to distract you from the real crime — Kraven’s opening act is billed as ‘Yes’ despite barely having any original members of the group in it.” –Chyron HR

“In the hope of luring a hunk, Peter Parker has set up his web like a true spider and baited it with a fabulous blazer.” –Greg

And also this comment from Voshkod is quite amazing but a bit too long to make the list!

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