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Your comment of the week momentarily, but first: enjoy this scan from a Faithful Reader! The Halifax Chronicle-Herald is one of those newspapers that banishes one of its comics (the Family Circus, in this case) to the Classified section. Specifically, they put the Family Circus near the “Business Personals,” which means … well, check out what it means. Heh.

And now, your comments of the week!

“The font for Hi & Lois is so obviously computer generated — somewhere near Comic Sans without being as terrible — that it is hard to read the dialog as if it were spoken by actual human beings. A perfect unity of form and function, is what I’m saying.” –stinkfoot

And your runners up! Very funny!

“Sadly, the Gil Thorp team couldn’t fit another speech balloon in the third panel, otherwise they could have put in the cry of ‘Fiddle-dee-dee Potatoes!’ in case anyone didn’t get the message.” –Atticus Dogsbody

“I’d never thought about wrapping a noose around Hagar’s neck and tossing him in a peat bog as a way of getting him off the comics page, but whatever works.” –pastordan, snark late shift

“Shouldn’t he have his belt unbuckled and his hand down his pants by now?” –Calvin’s Cardboard Box

‘Look out! A tiger!’ MJ exclaimed, not knowing what to do with her protruding forearm flippers.” –sporknpork

“I love the idea that Mark Trail is set in some kind of non-digital universe. Let’s call it ‘logpunk’. Characters wear either suits or work uniforms, neatly pressed and tucked. Everyone travels everywhere by boat, bushplane or strangely absurd motor vehicles like the Volga truck from the last arc. Recreational fishing is the primary activity in logpunk, with occasional hunting. Bears and dogs are essentially sentient beings and all communication occurs via bakelite telephones.” –geekwhisperer

“As a guy in the printed news industry, the thing I find the most interesting about Mark Trail is the disconnect between how much editors actually make as opposed to how much Jack Elrod seems to think they do. ‘My editor has use of the company yacht,’ Mark says loftily, unaware that it is actually an old tire surrounding a piece of styrofoam.” –Tophat

“I’m calling it now: somewhere at the start of a half-assed battle, Kraven the Hunter will shout something like, ‘Now I’m going to hunt the most DANGEROUS game: SPIDER-MAN!’ This will be an inaccurate statement.” –Dagger

“I like the way Cayla facetiously announces she’s pregnant without changing her now-permanent expression of world-weary despair. That look will serve her well during the wedding and even better as a corpse in Les’ basement.” –Esther Blodgett

“I can’t wait until we see this strip recycled again in a few years, only with smartphones and tablets. The dog will be changed to a hamburger.” –Chareth Cutestory

“Les must stoop in the second panel because of Funky’s large, self-pitying balloon. If only Funky added another sentence or two of loathing, Les would be laid out flat! WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF” –Greg

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