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Hello everybody! I’m back, with a slightly delayed COTW and a huge thanks to everyone who gave during the fundraiser, and a huge thanks to Uncle Lumpy for filling in for me last week! Everyone will be getting individual thank-yous shortly. Meanwhile, I am prepared to take you into maw of the holiday season, comics wise, staring with the past week’s top comment:

‘Tell you where the trout holes are’ has to be one of the most revolting euphemisms for sex that I’ve ever heard. And I attended junior high in southern Indiana.” –cheech wizard

And the runners up, very funny!

Mark Trail: “This latest remake of The Prisoner seems to completely miss the point of the original show.” –fluffy

“What a plot development — Mark becomes a bigamist and never sleeps with either wife.” –Maltmasher

Mary Worth: “I’m not sure those are soda bottles. In Panel 2, Jim is using his to show Dawn that if they can’t be more than friends, he will be her enema.” –Alfred E. Neuman

Rex Morgan, M.D.: “Nobody beats me in the obscenely perky tits department, see? Nobody!” –tb4000

Mary Worth: “Jim brings the phrase ‘being a douche’ to horrifying new levels of literalism.” –No Stupid Bear

Mary Worth: “That’s it. Next time a girl turns me down for a date, I’m going to make a scene and shout ‘It’s because I’m missing an arm, isn’t it?’ PS. I am not actually missing an arm.” –btow

Rex Morgan, M.D.: “Considering that June is the only one in the room who is NOT a stripper, why is she the only one dressed like a stripper?” –Here come the Judge


“Would nuns living with Rex Morgan for a year really count as cloistered? Haha, of course they would. Had you going, didn’t I?” –Artist formerly known as Ben

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