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Yes, just because it’s late at night on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend doesn’t mean you’ll go COTW-less!

“Josh finds him creepy, but I think Tongue Kid is the best. ‘Hey, there, what’s up. Me? Oh, I’m great. Just gonna eat this fish, live on an idyllic island. How about you? Reading Mark Trail, you say? That’s great. Look, the fish and I gotta go. You take care. Good luck with that Mark Trail thing.'” –He Brought Queenie Baby Jesus

And our runners up are as ever hilarious:

“Will tomorrow be the first Luann where two characters discuss something that matters? Spoiler alert: No.” –S. Stout

JP: Maybe Bubba’s pot farm is just a front operation for a far more lucrative career in selling endangered marine life, which is in itself a front operation for trading stolen art, which is in itself a front operation for a snuff film studio.” –hogenmogen

“Heathcliff’s trying to say he’s innocent because of the existence of … REASONABLE TROUT! Ha ha! Oh, I hate myself.” –Dagger

“Look at that last panel of Gasoline Alley. Just look at it. Divorce it from context, and try to imagine that there is any scenario that goes with that image and those words that works unless she’s talking about delicious, tender, human children.” –Johann Sebastian Cock

“The slabs of food-pie are not for eating, of course. Just hold them near your face and FEEL the radioactivity!” –Greg

“Yes, Jim’s losing of an arm and a sibling — those are easy for him to accept. But to be rejected by Dawn Weston? No man can accept that.” –Liam

“Yep, it’s just a typical scene as two grown men exercise and discuss what teenage girls have been doing to their football players. Better add another set, no frustrations here!” –Chareth Cutestory

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