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Ladies aaaaaand gentlemen: your COMMENT! OF! THE! WEEK!

“Oh god, the horror! Curtis is clearly two almost totally unrelated jokes, hamfistedly sewn together by some demented serial killer. Look, you can see the seam between the punchline and the premise! Truly a grisly, grisly spectacle.” –bunivasal

And the very amusing runners up!

“I can’t wait to see what convoluted plan Mark will come up with; I’m pretty sure it won’t be anything like, ‘Say, when we see Rod Bassy’s van, let’s go take Rusty out of it.'” –bourbon babe, unbuckled

I can even print up a diploma for job interviews! It’s 1995, after all, and home word processing technology has finally really arrived.” –Noah

“Sergeant Captain Major Francis Gary Powers, US Army Air Force Central Intelligence Agency, shot down over the Ural Mountains during the Vietnam War in 2008. We must update Wikipedia.” –seismic-2

‘Young lady, are you OK?’ is quite possibly the dumbest line of dialogue I’ve ever seen. SHE’S CRYING IN FRONT OF A GRAVE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?” –Inkwell

“Roy Lichtenstein disgusted the Pop Art world today with Suddenly, Tears Come (Sob Sob Sob . . . Young Lady Are You Okay). ‘It’s neither a remake nor a parody. It says nothing rather than being a statement about saying nothing. There’s none of the play with perspective that made him famous. It has no humor, no disciplined brushstrokes or comic-strip dots,’ said Ben Day of the Journal of Interior Semiotics outside the Stack’s Bowers auction on Friday.” –Daniel

“May I just say that I adore the sheer enthusiasm in that trout’s face in panel two? ‘OMG IT’S A FLY AND I’M GOING TO EAT IT AND THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!'” –Drewbear

‘Is he your husband?’ ‘Well, no. Not since he died!'” –Chip

I could tell that your heart’s rhythms are the same as Spider-Man’s … really, really slow. Dangerously slow, in fact. You spend a lot of time on the couch, don’t you? And it wouldn’t hurt to cut down on the junk food either. You smell like a giant Cheeto.” –damanoid

“I can hear the beating of your heart, your juicy delicious heart. What? Oh nothing, forget I said anything. Now let’s get into the cramped cameraless elevator together.” –Holly Folly

Visibly uncomfortable, Tom tries to break the tension by turning to Mary and conversationally inquiring ‘So, Mary, what the fuck are we eating, anyway?'” –Violet

“Please honey, stop undressing so sexily, it’s distracting. I’m up to 5 habits already and I want to be highly effective by tomorrow.” –pugfuggly

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