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The weekend is here, and with it, your comment of the week!

“Cayla’s face demonstrating how much she is enjoying the fruits of Lisa’s death is the very heart and soul of the strip.” –Jack Scat

And the hilarious runners up!

“If Shelley doesn’t like the outdoors now, I have a feeling she may hate the outdoors by the time this camping trip [cue ominous music] is over.” –Poteet

“I compliment Slick Smitty for his sheer ballsiness. When making a sales call with carnivores, he dresses in a meat colored suit.” –Hogenmogen

“Mary, please give Wilbur his advice column back. When did he return from his trip, six months ago? Alone he sits, eating mayonnaise straight out of the jar and perusing Kite Action magazine. You monster.” –KreatureFeatures

If I don’t slow down, my heart is going to explode! In fact, it might cause a BOOM on the market! Hah hah, no seriously I will die.” –Notebooked

“So, Mark, I’d like you to take Shelly on a tour of Lost Forest. Teach her that the forest is peaceful and has nothing for her to fear. Maybe start with a tour of the places that your hideous ward was either kidnapped or shot at from above. Show her the drug fields and the famous skeleton tree. Then maybe after a hearty pancake lunch you can show her Cherry’s giant beaver. That should all help her see what she’s been missing.” –Mikey

“The cardiologist ran no tests but pronounced his patient a ‘time bomb’? Seems legit. Rex asks the first man he sees to remove his shirt? Of course. Rex’s nurse giving the guy a hot cup of coffee right before an EKG? Sorry, that ‘ping”’was my suspension of disbeief snapping.” –Ed Dravecky

“I remain deeply suspicious of time-traveling Harry Truman’s motives in this particular Mark Trail plotline. I can’t tell you how, but I’m quite sure that it will develop that Cherry and Shelley’s presence in the woods will result in an attempt on Gov. Thomas Dewey’s life.” –Crankenstank

“Kingpin must have spent a fortune on that funky retro-sci-fi floating video monitor, so he can Skype with his mind-control victim: The blind guy.” –Doctor Handsome

Telling your girlfriend what to wear/ Is boorish and intrusive/ You can’t write poetry for shit/ And you’re quite possibly abusive” –Mustang

“‘Hey, did you see that, Bob?’ ‘What, Bill?’ ‘That floating, bobbing television with the commanding visage of a fat man? You know, the one following that guy dressed in a red costume around?’ ‘Huh. Well, that’s New York for ya.’ ‘Aren’t we in San Francisco?’ ‘Hell if I know, Bill. The art looks the same, and they never draw the weather.'” –Voshkod

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