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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 6/26/13

Oh, look, Cuzzin Zeldy has arrived in Hootin’ Holler! Her brand of pagan spiritualism may provide a welcome alternative to Parson Tuttle and his desperate, fraudulent promises. Her first attempt to transform the theological world of the townsfolk involves informing them that chickens and other animals killed for their meat have immortal souls, and will vengefully haunt those who murdered/ate them. Could be awkward!

Spider-Man, 6/26/13

I’ve never really doubted J. Jonah Jameson’s journalistic instincts before. I’ve had plenty of questions about his journalistic ethics, sure, obviously, but I always assumed the guy knows what sells. But if people won’t buy your tabloid when the front cover features a sugar-crazed mob angrily wielding candy bars and screaming for the blood of a mayor who’s deep in the pocket of Big Public Health, maybe print is dead.