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Your comment of the week: behold it, in all its glory!

“Like Jerry Seinfeld once said, ‘What’s the difference between a dentist and a sadist? Newer magazines.’ Wizard of Id could do a whole week of riffs on that: ‘What’s the difference between a barber-dentist and a headsman?’, ‘What’s the difference between a bloodletter and whoever enjoys cartoons about crudely-drawn people chained to dungeon walls for decades?’, etc.” –Kibo

And your runners up! Very funny!

“That last panel is a lot funnier if you imagine that those two hands belong to Mary, who is frantically trying to signal something to Aggie like a baseball coach sending coded messages to the pitcher. ‘If it’s going to go down like this, remember to hit her at the knees … the knees!’” –pugfuggly

“‘God’s wounds, Daddy! Thy garment is most fashionable!’ Wait, too old.” –Windier E. Megatons

“Rusty, does this posture make my cloaca look big? Be honest.” –Gregory

“At first I thought panel 3 showed Bull pushing a football ticket at Funky, and I felt humor. Then I realized it was money, and I wondered, ‘people pay for Montoni’s pizza?'” –Uncle Lumpy dreams of dinosaurs

“I’m glad we have a grandfather who was able to place his soul into Nixon’s corpse.” –word-doctor

“Pluggers lost the remote watching CBS years ago, and now only watch CBS.” –Frippin in the Krotz

“Heathcliff’s neighbor maybe racist against hippos, but Heathcliff is the one using a hippo as a beast of burden. Fight the power, gentle hippo! You don’t have to submit to cat colonialism!” –Lily Sincere

“The neighborhood was indeed changing. The pace became slower, gentler, more concerned with mud baths than with the daily grind. There was time to chew on some reeds, always time for a leisurely swim or simply sink to the bottom of the river and think about your options. Yes, the neighborhood was changing, and for the better. That is, until the lions showed up.” –The Rt. Venerable Pastordan

You’ve been reading too many comic books, old buddy! Newspaper comics are the wave of the future! This money train is never rollin’ off the tracks!” –Dan

Laugh it up kid! You just joked your way out of all the fun prescriptions.” –Chareth Cutestory

“The appearance of Grandma merely emphasizes the unsettling, Lovecraftean nature of Family Circus. The melon heads of the Keane Kids are no mere stylistic conceit. No, they really look like that; inheritors of a degenerate skull structure passed down through the maternal line. Bil Keane’s legacy is an endless plea: ‘My wife, our kids, all her damn family are literal sideshow freaks. Damn my uncaring lust for long, shapely legs.'” –damanoid

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