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Mark Trail, 12/22/13

Thank goodness Mark Trail has reversed its earlier hate crime and is now putting Our Lord God front and center in its Christmas installment. Or, at least, adorable animals that have been created by Our Lord God. Did you know sometimes God creates too many adorable animals? Why don’t you adopt some of them, you ingrates? How about a camel? Baby Jesus loved camels!

Crock, 12/22/13

Speaking of the Almighty, Crock is debasing himself before Him in a manner more fitting in tone to Lent than Christmas. And sure, Crock is an awful war criminal, but we’re just now finding out that God is going to start charging us for lightning services that have been free since time began, so who’s the real monster here?

AND ON THAT NOTE, this is your Comics Curmudgeon signing off for 2013! My wife and I will be making our usual three-way trip of Family Togetherness for the holiday, and I’ll be back blogging here on the 1st or 2nd of January, depending on how the mood strikes. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all! I look forward to an exciting Curtis Kwanzaa Madness recap when I get back.