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As most of frigid North America warms up to just irritatingly gross typical winter weather, let’s heat things up with this comment of the week!

“There is about 450 times more passion in today’s Garfield than in Luann. ‘Oh, Quill, your blandness is perfectly acceptable.’ ‘Yes, Luann, you also apparently exist.'” –aphthakid

And the always hilarious runners up!

Get down on your knees when the surgeon enters the room?’ I know I have a bad insurance plan but at least I get to pay for treatment in money.” –theironjef

“The multiple, seemingly actually redrawn Stanleys staring blankly up at a parade of doctors and nurses look like they’re going for the record of ‘Shittiest Six Differences Ever.'” –Windier E. Megatons

“Remember how we were all, ‘Gosh, this strip is called Funky Winkerbean but it’s all about mopey old Les. Sure wish it would go back to being about good ol’ smilin’ Funky’? Beware the monkey’s paw, people. The next wish will bring cancer.” –Esther Blodgett

“Well, things have changed in the past quarter century! For instance, the addition of handles on mugs, which allows me to enjoy this steaming hot cup of coffee without burning my tender digits. I sometimes forget about this amazing invention, as evidenced by my panel one holding of the mug in a way that causes searing pain and discomfort. Well, off to my job as someone who has the make the best judgement calls for the well-being of hundreds of people!” –Irrischano

Everything is falling into place! Tommie should be on the left, I should be on the … wait, let’s put Tommie on the right, then I’ll go on the left … That’s my left, wait, I can’t be on the left of my left. Tommie, you… Whatev. Lu Ann is in the middle.” –Hogenmogen

“It’s funny because Crankshaft takes a peculiar delight in destroying life.” –TheDiva

“Everyone is quick to assume that ‘Massacre’ is some kind of chemical. I’m holding onto hope that Massacre is actually a masked-wrestler-for-hire who really hates weeds.” –survivor

“Like most right-thinking people, I often amuse myself by interpreting Jeff’s conversation as comprising little but bitingly sarcastic replies to what he quite justifiably perceives as the stupidest collection of utterances ever made by anyone, but you know, some days they just take the sport right out of it.” –Violet

We never say ‘die’, we only say ‘sent to the Shadow Realm’ or ‘I can see their parachutes.'” –Chyron HR

“Santa Royale is the city that goes to bed right after NCIS, is unaware that The Today Show has a third hour since they have a little snooze around that time, and then takes a nap right after the noon news that lasts until Jeopardy! No wonder Mary is confounded by a place where you can get a roast beef sandwich, porno, and a pear at 3 a.m.” –Lily Sincere

“You know, they call Santa Royale ‘the city that gets a sensible eight hours of sleep every night’. Do you suppose it’s because the mattresses aren’t infested with bedbugs?” –Steve

“So will seedy guide dude forever bear the impression of plucky reporter gal’s ring on his jaw? Of course, a reverse impression of ‘Bryn Mawr’ isn’t that intimidating, but it does sound like it might be Bandar for something.” –cheech wizard

“Remembering back to her days as a spy in the Underground in Nazi Germany, Mary instinctively eats the evidence that proves her guilt.” –Baka Gaijin

“I think Mary is trying that old movie trick of altering her voice on the phone by talking through a piece of cloth. Does it work? Does it even make sense, given that she’s in the middle of a conversation with someone who already knows who she is? No, she’s just trying to amuse herself, insanely bored with talking to Dr. Jeff, ha ha.” –Doctor Mabuse

Spider-Man: “If — let’s say, hypothetically — I were attacked by a giant condom made out of iron, I don’t think I’d be throwing around words like ‘cocky.’ I’m just saying.” –The Rt. Venerable Pasdordan

“What the hell did Mark THINK the scary noise was, that he’d be like, ‘Oh, cool, it’s just a huge bear. I was worried for a second.'” –Doctor Handsome

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