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As is now widely known, Josh Fruhlinger — the Comics Curmudgeon, who has singlehandedly kept newspaper comics fresh and funny for more than a decade — is at this moment moving his family and earthly possessions to Los Angeles, there to build a new life in the entertainment industry.

I’m sure you remember alternating moments of elation and terror from big risks you’ve taken in your own life, and how much it meant when people reached out to you with expressions of encouragement and support. Well, here’s your chance: whenever PayPal registers a generous contribution from a Comics Curmudgeon reader, it sends a notification to Josh’s phone. My goal for the Westward Bound! fundraiser is to keep that iPhone pinging through the long hours as the Curmudgeon Caravan draws ever closer to its goal in America’s Golden West. It’s easy to contribute, and the fact of your thoughtfulness matters far more than the amount. Take a minute right now!

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Follow along on Josh’s magical adventure with the Westward Bound! series of old-timey postcards, a progress map, and occasional updates from the road:

Westward Bound! Day One

The movers have come and gone, and Josh and Amber are on the road — in Mark Trail country. Today’s destination is Asheville, North Carolina – gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains, and 11th largest city in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful but strenuous drive – wish ’em luck! Send ’em money!

— Uncle Lumpy

PS. This page has a helpful index to the 70+ banners for this fundraiser, and more than 500 running all the way back to 2008. Enjoy!