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Everybody! Or everyone in or near Los Angeles, anyway! This is your final reminder that I will be doing standup at Tao Comedy Studio at 7466 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8:30 pm! Check out the Facebook event, won’t you?

And with that business out of the way, how about … a comment of the week?

Tommie! You’re home at last!! And … oh, you’re wearing a turtleneck. Despite the fact that it’s clearly polo collar day. So much for pretending you haven’t been living in a barn, then.” –Dan

And how about some hilarious runners up?

“Momma‘s kids find each other so repugnant that they’ve arranged themselves in a such a way that they don’t have to look at each other’s faces. Momma has decided to take it a step further by eliminating any light sources.” –pugfuggly

“Sweet! Both Apartment 3-G and Momma are in fluorescent colors today! Welp, time to print these out, pin them to the wall, turn on the black light, and drop acid! Best. Sunday. Ever.” –made of wince

Apartment 3-G, The Happiness Falls Fiasco: What really happened.

Frank: I’m not drawing that fucking deer anymore, Margaret!
Margaret: You have to! It’s in your contract!
Frank: I don’t give a fuck! I ain’t doing it! You won’t see Margo for months if I have to draw that little fucker again!
Margaret: Well, we’ll just see who outlasts who!
Frank: You’re on, Honey!” –Mikey

“With all three wearing matching colored tops, the 3G cult is back together. Margo is obviously the Jim Jones of this apartment.” –Ranger

No seatbelt, Ian? Looks like you’ll be able to give Hanna her dressing-down from the passenger compartment of her own car once you launch through both windshields.” –James Dowd, on Facebook

“Man, Ian’s beard is pissed. It’s already starting to detach from his face to wreak havoc. If they find that ding-dong’s body, cause of death will be asphyxiation by beard.” –Voshkod

“Stanley’s plan to evade taxes via atrocious health habits and an attendant early death is already going perfectly. He’s only 32 years old, and he’s in intensive care so often that now he just wears a hospital gown as his everyday outfit. He’s thinking of getting his monogrammed and everything.” –Joe Blevins

Ian’s pretty angry for a man who just won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.” –C. Sandy Cyst

“And congratulations to Mr. Giella for his masterful rendering of Toby as one who’s been strung out all night, waiting for the taste Ian said he’d bring to her.” –Chyron HR

“Oh lordy. Hanna Dingdon? Get it, because she keeps dinging cars? Come on, Mary Worth, this is Mark Trail-level naming. Well, actually, no. If this was Mark Trail-level, she’d have the nickname ‘Car Accident’. But still.” –Enlong

“Toby is an artist who paints and sells miniatures. Oh God, I can’t believe I know that. Suddenly I realize why I am unemployable.” –Gabacho

“AT LAST we see why Toby has bound herself to the rotting flesh of Ian Cameron. She and her entire race must constantly feed on human rage and bile if they are to live. A shrunken, wizened shell of herself when she opens the door, by the second panel she is aglow with youth and energy, basking in the rays of Chinbeard’s sweet, sweet fury. By choosing such a life mate/symbiotic host, she has guaranteed herself a near-inexhaustible source of life. Well played, alien life-form Toby!” –boojum

“That ‘leg-out-of-bed’ pose could mean that she’s arriving, but I prefer to think that she’s leaving: ‘By the way, happy anniversary and adios, loser.’ Or she’s farting.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“Come on, Les. This isn’t that hard. Just mark it on your calendar: right after the Lisa’s Legacy Run is the anniversary of your marriage to Not-Lisa.” –Digger

“Sorry teacher, Dennis refuses to recognize Abkhazian Independence day. Try your anti-American brainwashing on some less menacing kid!” –Dr. Dread

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