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Hey guys! Just a short comment of the week list from the second half of the week — your Uncle Lumpy loved you all too much this week to pick and choose your favorite comments. But first: if you gave during the fundraiser, you should’ve gotten an email by now with a link to a survey where you can let me know what reward, if any, you want. If you haven’t gotten one yet, please email me at and I’ll send you the link. (UPDATE: It turns out that due a goof on my part, I found at least five donors that I didn’t send emails to! You may have just gotten a note just now. And if you haven’t please definitely email me!) About 20% of you haven’t filled it out yet, and I can’t send you your reward if you haven’t filled it out! And even if you don’t want anything, please take a minute to fill it out to tell me so — otherwise I’m going to go a little crazy worrying you never got the email.

Anyway! That housekeeping done, here’s your comment of the week:

“Now think about this — if you had never read this comic before, you would see a toddler writing/drawing his ‘diary’ from his diaper days, with CRAYONS, and refusing to go to sleep when placed in his crib. There is absolutely NO mention of excrement. Their Pavlovian experiment has been successful — we only have to see Marvin to think ‘poop joke.’ Our minds have been trained to see what’s not there. I consider this to be more menacing than any Dennis cartoon.” –Arabella

And your very funny runners up!

I SENSED SOMEBODY behind me — But it’s honestly a little difficult to sense anything with you so uncomfortably close and your head on my shoulder, Natasha. Do you realize you’re doing it? Is this intentional? Let’s keep this a strictly working relationship, all right? I’ve already got one wife I don’t care about, I don’t need another.” –Jack loves comics

Funky Winkerbean: “Les struggles to remember what ‘joking’ means. ‘It’s … like passive-aggressive punning, only funny?’ he hazards.” –Horace Broon

“Just when the ‘Is this Dress White or Bue’ started to die down, Pluggers drags us all back in.” –maltmash3r

“The income Henry earns clicking the ‘REJECT’ button on insurance forms is communal property, shared by The Missus. Dennis will learn this after his first divorce.” –Johnny Knuckles

“Didn’t Mark Trail stop a charging hippopotamus once by jamming a flaming tree branch in its mouth? So Mark should be able to stop the forest fire by jamming a charging hippopotamus into the flaming trees.” –KreatureFeatures

“That cyclops just invoked the name of Mistofer, the Dark Lord of The Revenuer! Hide yer still, Snuffy, The Man has his eye on you!” –Mumblix Grumph

“I haven’t been following Mark Trail too closely, but don’t tell me that Emerald Ash Borer Beetles have discovered the secret of making fire! Don’t worry about telling everyone, nice bureaucrat lady; we’re all doomed now.” –Joe Momma

“And then she trips over another branch and her hair falls down and oh my God she was conventionally attractive all along.” –C. Sandy Cyst

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