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Hello, all! Here is your comment of the week!

“Just bear with me a moment while I don my signature red jacket to deliver my trenchant non-sequitur … Oh yeah, THAT’S the stuff … It’s Good To Be The Crank!” –Adam Menendez

And here are your hilarious runners up!

A3G: “I haven’t been keeping up but do the hair colors of the two talking people continue to see-saw from black to white then from white to black, while their conversations have remained delightfully colored like smokey fog?” –tallyHO

“I’m not sure that’s even an award that Gen. Halftrack is receiving. I think the official just tore off a piece of the bunting that’s hanging behind him. If he really wanted to do Halftrack a solid, he could give him his toupee.” –Pozzo

“I’m noting Marvin’s dad launches the grill upward, by lighting it at the top. Is he so bad at grilling that his attempt, instead of the expected exothermic reaction, ignited an introthermic reaction, which is a word I just made up to describe an explosive anti-fire, powerful enough to launch the grill into space?” –Jenny Creed

“What’s with the bawdy grin and knowing hat tip? Is … is ‘the crew on Slumber Mountain has the fire under control there as well’ a … a euphemism? A … sexual euphemism? What has the crew on Slumber Mountain actually been DOING this whole time, dear God?” –Jack loves comics

“ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE HANK TOLLS (I mean, it’s Neddy, obviously).” –Paul Acciavatti, on Facebook

Early middle age warrior fights late middle age knight for 20th century snack! This is what the UFC is going to look like once they invent time travel.” –pugfuggly

“That’s not a safety helmet in panel 1. That’s a capello romano, beloved hat of Father Guido Sarducci and other Catholic clergy. Who knew the Vatican had its own hotshot forest-fire-fighting squad, ready to airdrop anywhere in the world at a prayer’s notice? They also do exorcisms. *koff*Rusty*koff*” –Bruce Arthurs

How are you doing, Adam? Well, you’re trying to woo your ex-girlfriend with your Ed Koch impression. How do you think you’re doing?” –Green Luthor

‘Didn’t you like the hot air balloon, hilltop restaurant or amusement park ride?’ Adam cursed himself for using the Mad Lib date planner.” –Steve S

“If standing next to someone cool and waiting for external validation is not in fact the way to achieve coolness then I’m just finding out I completely wasted four years of high school.” –Scootermark

“I’m digging the implied diss on his wife. ‘Oh, HER crummy superhero movies, ha ha, don’t even need to spare a thought balloon for those. Harry’s a better actor than she’ll ever be.'” –Laura

“It’s funny because Herb drinks his coffee from a previous thrift store find, someone’s old weed stash canister.” –nescio

Hey! … Those ducks give me an idea … I wonder if Rusty has a windshield I can shit on.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“It’s debatable the extent to which Jon Arbuckle can ‘hear’ or understand Garfield’s thought balloons. But I really hope the people in Herb & Jamaal possess some form of telepathy. Otherwise, their lives and conversations are punctuated by lengthy, oddly-timed silences. Questions go unanswered. Direct addresses are seemingly ignored. It’s a cold, sad world for them. Unless, like I said, they can read each other’s thoughts … which in retrospect might be worse. You know what? Forget I said anything.” –Joe Blevins

“So Mark is finally going to release Rusty down by the lake? ‘Well, Rusty, your performance review is in. Your randomly naming wild animals is at an all-time high, but your aw-shucks-ing and gee-whiz-ing has been in decline for a while, and you haven’t managed to raise your Cloying Quotient Score, either. I know you’re trying, but that’s not the point. You haven’t even managed to get kidnapped in years! Cherry gets kidnapped punctually, each and every time she leaves Lost Forest, as per the regs. I’m sorry, Rusty, but we’re going to have to release you.'” –Hogenmogen

“I am a tad surprised that you are missing out on one essential clue to Dennis’s threat level here: the color of that spilled egg yolk! A decidedly spoiled, botulism-laden green. Dennis is preparing poisoned cookies to serve to his parents, Margaret, Mr. Wilson, and anyone else who ever done him wrong.” –Paul Di Filippo

“The principal in panel two once dreamed of a modeling career, and spent her youth mastering the perky housewife poses from the old household magazines in her grandmother’s garage. Upon discovering most of them had long-ago ceased publication, she fell back on her PHD in education. But every now and then she seizes a moment to dazzle visitors with one of those perfect poses. She was about to add ‘It’s good … and good FOR you!’ when Kelly interrupted.” –DBenson

A3G is starting to make me sad. Margo’s pugnacious dialogue, contrasted with her lackadaisical expression, makes me think that the whole world of the strip is winding down, like Westworld on dying batteries.” –lumaca morente

Greg, you fool! Don’t you realize Margo could go online and post nasty comments on your fan sites! Or post a 0% review of your movies on Rotten Tomatoes? Or give your favorite restaurants negative Yelp reviews … or she could if she had a computer which… we’ve never seen before in their apartment … so, uh … you’re pretty much okay, I guess.” –Comrade Dread

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