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Judge Parker, 5/30/15

Uh oh, looks like there’s already trouble in paradise between Neddy and her handsome designer! It seems that Neddy assumes, based on all evidence she’s been presented with over the course of her post-adoption life, that her half-baked business plan will be an instant success, so she’ll need a lot of inventory right away, and Hank seems irked that he’ll have to make use of the Spencer-Driver clan’s bottomless well of money to handle this! He’s going to be even more upset when finds out that all the employees at this factory are going to be old people and he’s going to have to build everything to accommodate their Rascal scooters.

Beetle Bailey, 5/30/15

I mean … this would be pretty funny comprehensible as a joke if it were a person wildly misinterpreting a doctor’s orders to eat greens? Perhaps someone who’s obsessed with golf, like our General Halftrack? And not an animal that’s already herbivorous? Unless the joke is that Halftrack is so blotto that he’s having a hallucination that he’s talking to a rabbit. That would be hilarious! Wait, no, sad, I mean very very sad.