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It’s the law and we go by the book. Now, on to our mobster masters to do our illegal paintings.” –Mibbitmaker


“Look at what the feminists have done to Little Shop of Horrors!” –Mad Kev: Fury Tweets, on Twitter

“What constitutes a hot date among the laboring classes in this strip? A dinner of crusts spread with bacon grease, followed by a walk, and tossing pebbles in the pond? Or will there be an expedition to poach the Spencer deer?” –Ukulele Ike

“A faker herself, our ersatz Tooth Fairy knows how to spot another ‘tourist.’ This supposed homeless man sports an obviously-manicured chinbeard and begs for spare change via the lyrics of an 85-year-old song. So does he really need the money, or is this all part of some bullshit performance art thing? Well, let’s call his bluff and find out, eh?” –Joe Blevins

“Just what kind of coded message will little 7-year-old Billy have to send out of the Keane Kompound before Child Protective Services decides to step in? A picture of Dolly holding a flaming log with the punny caption ‘Dolly is a torch-erer’? Dolly on a stage in front of an audience doing stand-up with the explanation, ‘Dolly is going to kill us all?'” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“Gazing into Sarah’s hair in that second panel makes it clear that Sarah in fact has no permanent physical form. She is simply a manifestation of the darkest abyss, a hole in the fabric of space-time that walks and plots for its own inscrutable purpose. To truly contemplate her is to gaze into the dark nothing that exists in the empty spaces between galaxies. It is more than the absence of substance, it is the true opposite of substance. What eon-spanning, unfathomable thoughts cross this void, we can kneel in thankful prayer that we can never know.” –G’Quan

“But … but … ‘bon appétit’ is something the server says after presenting the meal but he’s still ordering and also what could that possibly mean coming from a patron to a server JESUS CHRIST BERNARD WHITACRE OF LEECHBURG PENN WHAT DID YOU SAY TO THE WAITRESS. Something vile about ‘bone’ and ‘tit’ and you just had to tell someone, didn’t you. Because a crime nobody sees is no crime at all.” –Paul Acciavatti, on Facebook.

A3G: “I feel like we dodged a bullet here. For a minute, I thought the plot might unfold in a sensible way, with Lu Ann saying something like ‘I’m attracted to that bald fellow at Martin’s Aparthotel who thought I was a hooker.’ But no, just a random statement about quitting a job she loves. Tommie can go back to growing her hair out now.” –Gabacho

“I choose to believe that, in the Plugger-verse, the French are all poodles and pronounce it BONE appetit.” –Drewbear

Checking EMAIL? Doesn’t this poor sap know that, canonically, we are presently sometime in the 1910s, and we’re still decades behind the ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION? Heck and a half, what is he doing, disrupting the chronological flow of linear time? He sure is driving me to the brink of insanity! What is now? When is yesterday? Is anything real? At least one thing’s for sure: fuck modern progression, fuck it in the ear, Jesus Christ!” –Jack loves comics

“I like how Marvin has gone meta to keep up with the changing tastes of readers that grew up giggling at his plebeian poop jokes. Eyes heavy with middle class ennui, Marvin’s family delivers a scathing rebuke of the former genre while launching us into a new world where self deprecation and plaid shirts abound while fourth walls are obliterated with Jim Halpert-esque stares.” –Tonya

“Killer laughs, a weird, hollow laugh. It’s an imitated, fake laugh. The kind you use to punctuate thoughts you learned long ago not to share. ‘One Killer is good. Two Killers … two Kllers would be perfect.'” –bunivasal

“Where exactly is her left arm? Has it merged into her right? I hope so. Margo will not be happy about the Lovecraftian beast suddenly wearing Tommie’s hair. If she even notices.” –Tim Monteith, on Facebook

“My new theory is that since the people in A3G have no lower bodies, they’re all resting on a conveyor belt. This is why they can start a conversation in a hotel, then end up in the apartment, and, today, slide from the living room into the kitchen, all while seemingly not moving.” –aphthakid

“Tommie’s rebuffed yawn-arm around the shoulder in panel one tells me she really misunderstood last week’s ‘It feels very sudden, but it feels right.’ Her come-hither smile in panel two tells me she’s still not getting it. That’s okay, though. ‘I’m still not getting it’ is pretty much Tommie’s motto in life.” –Dan

“Because baby squirrels make the best bait for tiger sharks, honey!” –Kevin on Earth

‘Cool … what happened to her clothes?’ ‘Oh, child, you can’t dip a snitch in molten bronze while they’re still wearing clothes! I see you have much to learn about body disposal.'” –Voshkod

“And Kelly asked him, ‘Ken, why is it during the hard times there are only one set of footprints on the sand?’ And Ken replied, ‘It was then that I left you to go out and stab sharks in the heart and cut off their fins to make some bitchin’ soup.'” –Comrade Dread

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