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Mark Trail, 6/19/15

It looks like this Mark Trail plot is finally swinging into gear, and our guest stars will be a couple of mismatched lovers! Ken and Kelly both get great satisfaction out of spending time with animals. Kelly likes finding adorable, helpless orphaned squirrels and raising them until they’re strong and healthy enough to survive on their own; Ken loves to go find sharks out in the water and kill them in the frenzy of blood-lust than can only come by doing battle with nature’s most perfect predator. The emotions they get out of these experiences are mostly the same.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 6/19/15

Kelly may be concerned that she’ll get in trouble for letting Sarah see nudity, based on the Morgans’ well-known anti-sex attitudes, but she needn’t worry: Rex and June are letting their daughter work in a museum that’s lousy with nakedness, proving that there’s a nude statue loophole in place here.