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Mary Worth, 7/3/15

I don’t know much about gun safety, but … is it considered cool to just casually rest your finger on the trigger of a cocked revolver while it’s not pointed at anyone in particular, definitely not at your subdued enemy? Or, well, I guess he’s not entirely subdued, since he seems to be struggling against his hastily improvised handcuffs (has he been tied up … with his own sweatshirt?) and his legs haven’t been restrained at all! Maybe Terry is aiming the gun at exactly the point where he’d be if he got up and started to run off? She’s a true professional and I shouldn’t question her, I guess.

Dick Tracy, 7/3/15

I’m extremely not up on my drug lingo but is “hot snow” … cocaine? Is is slang for cocaine? Because that’s one of the most unappealing descriptions I can think of. CONGRATS ON MAKING ME WANT TO TRY COCAINE EVEN LESS THAN I ALREADY WANT TO, DRUG-LINGO.