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You guys! This week’s top comment is pretty funny, right?

“Ah, but Dennis is present in today’s strip: he’s replaced Zayn in One Direction.” –pugfuggly

These runners up are pretty great too!

“Cayla’s weary and disappointed ‘my husband is obsessed with his time-traveling ex’ look from last Sunday is exactly the same as her ‘my husband lost consciousness’ look from today. Cayla, have you considered that maybe you just don’t like your husband very much?” –Dan

“Les, I think I speak for everyone here when I say you didn’t ruin the class reunion by passing out. That’s ridiculous. You ruined it by waking up.” –I am Groot

“Toby’s hiding the take-out containers while Ian brags about the little woman’s great cooking! What will ensue? (a) hijinks (b) wackiness (c) a tearful scene in which Toby tries to get her clueless husband to understand the myriad ways he undervalues and diminishes her (d) absolutely nothing of interest because, you know, Mary Worth” –bourbon babe, unbuckled

Peep? I don’t know about you guys, but for me the most depressing part of today’s comics was finding out that ‘tweeting’ is apparently a protected trademark now.” –Vulpius

“Man those guys need to call up 1-800-ANACHRONISTIC-REPETITIVE-JOKES, the place one goes to remedy phone number-based joke problems.” –norbizness, on Twitter

“Say what you will, but I thought Horf on Bolf was pretty funny.” –The Homework Ogre, on Twitter

“I know he probably can’t afford a lot of them, but I hope to God Doc is going to wear a pair of disposable latex gloves while tickling Snuffy.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

Laughter is the best medicine, so readers of this strip are doomed to a slow, lingering death.” –Pozzo

“Oh, Mr Wilson, does this mean you’re going to scour the Earth for the forty least selling songs of the year? That’s a tremendous, heroic undertaking which will probably require several lifetimes and expose you to some amazing, unlikely, personal music. Godspeed you brave adventurer!” –Amake

“I mean, have you been on Soundcloud? Have you listened to the shit on Bandcamp? In my day we had a real underground. The Monks, Sun Ra, Great Society, Captain Beefheart, Rocket From the Tombs, The Residents. Now it’s just a drum machine, a laptop, and three out of work 20-somethings in a shit bar. Where’s the weed, Martha? I’m in the mood for the Troggs.” –Carter

“‘If I don’t get the $10,000 referral fee that Charterstone pays, I’m done for. I’ll have to declare bankrptcy. Or catch the first plane to Lima,’ thinks Ian as the sweat trickles down his back.” –Big Bad Dave

Beats ‘the ol’ bumstead chumhead.'” –thisblogisfortherats, on Tumblr

“The best bit is Herb, focusing on the road, maintaining a neutral expression, and thinking ‘Oh, god, they’re talking about Dag Swag again. How long do I have to wait before that gets played out? And is anyone talking about my new tie? Of course not! I can’t wait until his boss crushes him.'” –Horace Boon

‘This forward compartment is much larger — Wait … What’s that!?’ –Mark Trail, being exposed for the first time to the mechanics of heterosexual intercourse” –Doctor Handsome

“Mark has no need to be exposed to radioactivity to become a super-hero, since he already is one. His secret identity is Brylcreem Man, who by sheer force of will is able to keep his hair combed underwater.” –seismic-2

Is the chicken over-cooked? Well, you are eating with a spoon, so…” –lumaca morente

“I first interpreted this Crankshaft strip as a kind of heartbreaking elegy to lives wasted, an ode to years of regret: ‘don’t say run, don’t tempt me, or I will run away, far and fast, away from this tragic existence, as far as my feet will take me, disappear into the fairgrounds forever, and live out the remainder of my life as a carny, remembering, remembering but never returning.’ But the harrowing expressions on Jeff and Ed’s faces as they prepare to take a massive dump in their pants are really almost as poignant.” –Jack loves comics

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