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Funky Winkerbean, 9/20/15

Yeah, so, I never did keep you updated on the extremely disappointing follow-up to this strip, which was that obviously Summer isn’t throwing her mother’s precious tapes in the trash, but rather is just getting them converted to digital, and, more to the point, letting local weirdo Crazy Harry do it instead of trusting an actual professional for some reason. Anyway, local weirdo Crazy Harry watched the tapes, which I’m reasonably sure isn’t necessary for the conversion process, and so we’ve learned that Dead Lisa considered whoever was going to be married to Les 15 years after her death to be “the other woman.” Now Cayla’s going to have to watch this, probably with Les hovering behind her. This is gonna be great. This is gonna be fantastic.

Momma, 9/20/15

Considering it’s broad daylight outside, I’m assuming the bassist MaryLou just fell in love with was working at this cafe, probably on the lunch shift? It’s not even clear that he’s in the band that will be performing rock music tonight! Anyway, what I’m saying is, at least she can tell Momma that this guy has a job.