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Apartment 3-G, 9/17/15

Apartment 3-G may be in its advanced decline at this point, but at least it can still occasionally indulge in one of my favorite Apartment 3-G pursuits: shitting on Tommie. “Margo needs a doctor but she refuses to see one.” “I’ll call Tommie! She’s a friend who Margo feels comfortable with, but she’s also a skilled medical professional in her own right. Plus she lives right here!” “GOD DAMN IT LU ANN WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE ON THESE POINTLESS SUGGESTIONS OF YOURS, I’LL CALL TOMMIE IF I WANT SOMEONE TO SIGH AND MOPE AT MARGO BUT RIGHT NOW WE NEED A REAL DOCTOR”

Six Chix, 9/17/15

I admit to being a little puzzled as to what’s going on here. Is this supposed to be a metaphor showing that we shun pariahs, an indictment of our society that is as searing as it is circular, since literally the definition of a pariah is someone you shun? Or is this supposed to depict the the sport our so-called intellectuals have at their fancy cocktail parties, reaffirming my longstanding policy of not ever leaving the house?

Mary Worth, 9/17/15

Poor Ian has just been leaving unacknowledged and escalatingly pathetic voicemails for Toby all week, apparently, and this is it looks like things have gotten pretty desperate. “Toby! Think of the haters! You don’t want to give any satisfaction to the haters, do you? Do you?