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Mark Trail, 10/28/15

Guys, sorry I didn’t provide a play-by-play of the awesome sea-battle in Mark Trail, but basically Mark and Ken rode around in the water and the bad guys shot at them and damaged their speedboat and Mark and Ken had to drive (sail? navigate?) it up onto a tiny island. Now the boat’s drenched in marine fuel and Mark is, presumably, about to blow it the fuck up by firing a flare gun directly at it, no doubt just as the bad guys arrive. Remember when Mark was on a boat that blew up, and then Cherry was worried that he might be involved in another boat explosion in the future? Well, don’t try to change him, Cherry. Mark’s a guy around whom boats just can’t not explode.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/28/15

Congrats to Funky Winkerbean on really being the best at what it does. This strip, for instance, manages to convey a sense of almost unbearable autumnal melancholy despite only existing to showcase the terrible wordplay-joke slogan of a fictional arborist.