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Hello, Los Angeles and Los Angeles-adjacent folks! You all might recall that my long-belated Kickstarted novel, The Enthusiast, is finally written, edited, proofread, designed, and on its way to physical reality! It still isn’t entirely clear when the books will ship — we need to get physical proofs from the printer, and once we sign off on them they have to be printed and then shipped to the folks at Make That Thing!, who’ll be shipping them out to backers and setting up a storefront for everyone else to buy. But barring disaster, things will be ready by mid-December, so I’m going ahead and scheduling my launch party! If you’re in LA, please come by the Los Angeles County Store in Silver Lake, 6 p.m. on December 15! Here is the Facebook event, if you find those helpful. We’ll all have some wine and cheese, we’ll mingle, I’ll read a chapter, you can buy a book or three, and I’ll sign ’em, even if you already got it from the Kickstarter! Anyway, don’t worry, I will remind you about this event SEVERAL more times before it happens, but just thought I’d tell you to lock his date down NOW.