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Ha, you thought I forgot the first comment of the week of 2016, didn’t you? Well, I didn’t! I didn’t at all! Here it is, enjoy it!

“Boog’s parents should just put everything sex-wise into scrapbooking terms. Then perhaps Boog would understand. ‘You see, I opened up your mother’s scrapbook and used my glue stick to insert photos and other paraphernalia,’ Rover explained as he sweated profusely.” –James in North Dakota

And also enjoy these hilarious runners up!

“I think you guys are giving Wilson & Beatty too much credit in Diversity Training. If we’ve gotten TWO ‘As solid an Irishman as you’ve ever met’ comments in a week, I expect nothing less than the Full Leprechaun.” –Ukulele Ike

“That hideous second panel can be recycled if there’s ever a story in which Boog gleefully murders a box-shaped robot, tearing out its artificial internal organs by hand.” –Joe Blevins

“Already I can see that Sarah might not fit into the bland-haired Aryan ideal the school seems to favor in their students. Fortunately for her, as a terrible artist with an explosive temper, they may see leadership potential in her.” –pugfuggly

“Love how disengaged Rex is from the children. ‘Ugh, who are these small, demanding people? The money I pay so I don’t usually have to interact with them is worth every penny!'” –Steve S

Oregano? More like OregaNO MORE TRAMPLING ON MY RIGHTS OBAMA” –PartyDuder

“Pluggers are only bad at one thing: life.” –Tim Pendergast, on Facebook

“Given the beak-like nose on the female in Gasoline Alley, and the glossy black bird-line eyes shared by all of them, maybe saying a stork was involved in the conception is being outright honest. ‘You see, son, many years ago, your grandpa fell in love with a stork. To keep our stork bloodlines strong, each of us must mate with a stork. Stick with the stork, my son, and you’ll have no egrets.'” –Voshkod

‘Your sign says you still have your faith. Is that true?’ ‘My sign says what? There’s been some kind of mix-up … I wonder who got the sign that says Put a dollar in my cup for a peek at my crotch?'” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“So the moral of the story is, ‘Be careful what you wish for, because you might eat a hamburger and a drumstick with cola poured over them and then vomit on a famous politician.’ A valuable lesson that we can all apply to our own liUURRRRPHHH” –Chyron HR

“I kind of enjoy the way that the homeless man ends every sentence with an exclamation mark. It makes his sad story so much more exciting!” –Loopina

“Holy shit, she has the face of a Precious Moments figurine! It’s deeply unsettling. I wonder what her face will look like when the park rangers find Boog’s corpse half devoured by woodland critters, his attempts to block their sharp teeth with the scrapbook rendered horribly unsuccessful.” –rbmalpha

“Even realizing they’re character ‘names’, the phrase ‘Boog, Hoogy, honey’ sounds more like the ramblings of a senile nursing home patient than actual dialogue. So in other words, all is normal in Gasoline Alley. I’m not even sure why I brought it up. All apologies. As you were.” –The Might Untrained FOOZLE

“Notice that there’s only four taps there. Don’t ask where the ‘Bearded Stout’ is dispensed.” –Doctor Handsome

“Pity that this fire interrupted a charming meal at Beige Burger.” –Irrischano

“I guess we’re supposed to see today’s Rex Morgan and understand that this blond man is angrily storming out of the office, but it really looks to me as though that this guy just jogs around the admissions office all day, yelling angry, out-of-context things to no one in particular.” –Brad

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