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Would you like to read this week’s comment that I enjoyed the most? Here it is!

“John knows how to approach Mary Worth — slowly, palms open, arms at 3 and 9.” –Joe Blevins

Also here are your runners up, which you should also enjoy!

“I just want to know what misdeeds Mark Trail committed to cause him to be sentenced to community service, as an instructor for Continuing Education For Crustaceans.” –Irrischano

Solely from fish? I guess if I ever thought about it, I would have imagined this is the sort of thing we might see if this comic strip ever attempted witty wordplay.” –Mustang

“From what I can tell, it would appear that Robbie has accidentally barged in on JJ watching some sort of Spider-man themed pornography involving a blue disco elf and a burly seaman and is properly horrified yet transfixed. The moment of truth is coming, and by ‘moment of truth,’ I mean JJ.” –Dread

“…they also have salt and pepper shakers covered in the grease of a thousand awful breakfasts and… I don’t know, napkins? That’s something a restaurant has, right?” –rbmalpha

“Mary and Olive’s relationship has officially become a hostage situation. I just can’t tell which way around it is.” –C. Sandy Cyst

This was a missed opportunity for the ‘Spay/Neuter Your Pet’ people.” –Cosmo Jones, Crime Smasher

“I feel like Roz’s wine list is just a slip of paper with ‘BOONE’S’ in 96-point font.” –Doctor Handsome

“Today, Herb and Jamaal is changing format to become a dystopian science fiction satire about consumerism, where the drone-like populace shuffles back and forth, obsessing over and exchanging blank, meaningless white boxes only referred to as a ‘Product.’ They stand in long queues, sleeping overnight to purchase the new and improved Product. ‘Product 22 is obsolete. I must buy Product 23. The Product is good. The Product is life.'” –Ethan Shuster

“You spend your childhood in New York City and already you get kind of blasé about a lot of things. How many surprises does this world hold for you? Then you realize you’ve never seen two old people win a cake decorating contest.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“At least the Snow Angel has freakishly wide hips. All the better for … birthing … whatever mutant … baby … sorry, I have to go now.” –The Might Untrained FOOZLE

Antimatter explosions release energy through ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is used to treat cancer. All in all, a fitting end to Westview.” –Zooty

“Oh, sure — standing around with no pants on while a seductive (?) angel gives you a come-hither look sounds good in theory, but in sub-freezing temperatures, his junk has no doubt shrunk like a turtle retreating into its shell.” –Pozzo

“Look at John Dill’s fist squeeze that piping bag as he dreams of his sweet sweet Mary slathered in cake flowers like American Beauty. Olive can see inside his mind and just look at her face.” –lorne

John is an expert at creeping me out.” –Peanut Gallery

“Biology fact: Pregnant pugs don’t get larger, they just grow extra ripples which eventually distend, detach, and grow into new pugs. This is a biological process known as ‘pugging.'” –Dan

“That guy who apparently has a veritable swiss army knife of different species’ genitals sure is a playa, I tell you what! Ah, this one’s going up on the fridge.” –Jack loves comics

“The lady is talking to her TV remote because no one likes her, her pets are dead, and she’s just as terrible at taxidermy as she is at making friends or taking care of animals. TGIF everyone!” –Alex Blaze

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