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B.C., 1/22/18

As I’ve noted in the past here, there are three members of the B.C. main cast — Thor, Peter, and the title character — who are drawn almost exactly alike and have no really distinctive personality traits, and thus I can never tell them apart, despite the fact that I’ve read this strip daily for more than ten years. That’s why I’m very much in favor of the strip’s new policy of having these guys refer to each other by name in every conversation! Too bad it’s only happening now, just as B.C. and Peter have entombed themselves in a midden than they’ve built on a desolate, snow-covered landscape.

Six Chix, 1/22/18

OK, I’m vaguely disgusted with how human bodies and biological life in general works, but I try not to get grossed out by the miracle of reproduction. Still, this is weird, right? Just a bunch of pregnant life forms, lying around, bulging in a fecund manner? Do fish even carry eggs internally at any stage in their lifecycle? How’d that rat in the terrarium (?) get pregnant? Was there a big insemination party for all these guys? WHY IS THIS A JOKE? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING