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Rex Morgan, M.D., 1/24/16

I can’t stop laughing at “I’m an English governess and I know how babies are made.” “They’re made by s-e-x, June! P in V! Only English governesses are privy to this knowledge, while the rest of you lot believe your myths about the stork or the cabbage patch or what have you!” Or maybe this relates to June’s implication in the final panel; as an English governess, Heather knows that aristocratic British men can sire bastard children with their servants, but the wives of the wealthy can never do the same, no matter how badly they want to. What June is telling her is that it’s a new world now. Why, even British princesses have equal rights to inherit the throne as their brothers. Go for it, Heather. Jordan is waiting for you.

Panel from Slylock Fox, 1/24/16

I assumed that the newspaper clue was not the crossword barely visible at bottom right, but the paper sitting out on the chair at left, which Max had created with a laptop and some desktop publishing software that was also locked in the closet with him. Surely — surely! — Max’s disappearance would not be front page news. Definitely not banner headline front news. Definitely not cleverly composed photo front page news. Inside pages of local section, at best.