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Beetle Bailey, 8/25/16

Here’s a charming true story of married life: my wife and I each insist that the other snores, and once, to prove who was right, we downloaded an app to our phones that turn on and record only when there’s sound, so we didn’t have to listen through eight hours of mostly silence to prove anything. The one time we used it, it recorded exactly zero snoring but an awful lot of farting, which we both found extremely hilarious. Anyway, long story short, I think we have a pretty strong marriage, but when you start seeing even the slightest echoes of your lives in the Halftrack’s hell-relationship, you start to worry a little bit.

Spider-Man, 8/25/16

I honestly have never understood what the deal is with the eyeholes on the front of Spidey’s mask. I mean, I generally think I understand them, in the sense that I assume they’re just patches of lighter material that allow him to see and also make his face look more facelike and not like a creepy, featureless head-front, but then things happen like panel two, where one of them winks, and I really don’t know what the hell I’m looking at. Anyway, this has ruined for me what should be the high point of my week, which is to say Spider-Man just getting straight-up punched in the face.