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Shoe, 8/6/16

Ha ha, rap music! It’s an incredibly popular art form that’s been around for more than thirty years, but it sure isn’t music, amiright folks? This is definitely an opinion that young children hold, so it’s natural to put this line in Skyler’s mouth (beak?) here, and it’s 100% appropriate for him to go from wide-eyed eagerness to heavy-lidded smugness as he delivers the punchline.

Family Circus, 8/6/16

Everybody’s body language as they react to Billy’s obnoxious display is hilarious to me. PJ is recoiling in disgust. Jeffy’s about to haul off and punch Billy in the face. And Daddy is shrugging in despair, as if to say, “I guess camp couldn’t fix him. I guess he’s just like this.”