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Click the banner to contribute to the Comics Curmudgeon. Details here.

As regular readers know, I host fundraisers once or twice a year to support the time, effort, and talent Josh puts into the Comics Curmudgeon. There’s even more to support this time around — behind the scenes, Josh and his IT Department Adam Norwood are upgrading, tuning, and expanding the site to:

  • Redesign it for improved readability and efficiency, especially on mobile devices
  • Accommodate feedback and recommendations from last month’s Reader Survey
  • Review commenting functions and improve them where possible
  • Add unspecified but potentially exciting new features!

Please help out with a generous contribution. Even if you haven’t contributed before, consider sending an amount proportional to the enjoyment Josh’s work brings into your life — I bet it’s a lot! If it turns out to be $25 or more, you’ll receive a stylish and practical Comics Curmudgeon tote bag in addition to Josh’s personal and effusive thanks:

Contribute however you like:

  • By credit card or PayPal — Click the banner at the top of the page and follow the instructions on the secure PayPal site.
  • By mail — Email; I’ll reply with an address for your generous check, money order, or in-kind contribution.
  • NEW Patreon sponsorship — If you’d prefer to support all of Josh’s artistic/comedic efforts on a “set it and forget it” recurring basis, visit his new Patreon page for complete details of this new option. A pledge of just $2 per month qualifies you for a CC tote bag.

Full details, terms, and conditions are here.

The banners at the top of the page are selected automatically on a kinda-random basis. If you’d prefer to browse through a directory instead of wearing out your Refresh finger, you can find one here, along with 500+ banners going back to 2008. I’ve wasted hundreds of hours on these — join me!

And thank you, generous readers!

— Uncle Lumpy