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Gil Thorp, 12/20/16

One of my very favorite things about Gil Thorp is that when Gil casually says that someone “might be our best center since Trey Davis,” “Trey Davis” isn’t just some random name-combo pulled out of a hat, but an actual character who really was a great center who appeared in the strip at one point. I had managed to purge the name from my memory, but thanks to the glory and pageantry of my advanced archives, I was able to track down his appearances, which took place literally more than a decade ago, and isn’t it funny how time inevitably advances and makes a mockery of all our hopes and dreams? Anyway, great a center as Trey Davis was, he never really seemed to have his own storyline: he was overshadowed in the looks department by Ted Pearse, and later was overshadowed in the plot department by the revelation that Ted Pearse was secretly homeless. Later that spring, even the frenzy surrounding his recruitment was overshadowed by Brent “Rap-Dog” Raptor’s hilariously overbearing mom. I guess we’ll never know if Trey eventually spurned basketball glory to join the army as I predicted, since I never mentioned his post-Milford fate. Will I be sifting through my archives sometime in October of 2027 looking for evidence of the collegiate career of Aaron Aargard? Maybe! If so, I’d just like to say: hi, future Josh! I think it’s extremely cool that you’re 53 and still writing a blog about comics on the Internet, or on whatever they’ve replaced the Internet with.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 12/20/16

Joke’s on you, Sheriff! Snuffy froze to death inside that snowman hours ago. The coal smile is at this point a cruel, cruel joke.