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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 1/11/17

Haha, this is just a little game Loweezy and Elviney like to play with each other! In fact, ever since the widespread social and economic collapse several generations back that left Hootin’ Holler completely isolated from whatever other pockets of civilization might still survive, no tropical crops like “coffee” or “tea” have ever been seen by the locals. Elviney and Loweezy are drinking a barely palatable homebrew, made from bark and roots, just like they do every morning, giving it the whimsical names of the exotic beverages they only know about from tattered books.

Funky Winkerbean, 1/11/17

You know, they say that when you write a “continuity” strip, you have to work on the assumption that your readers only actually check in three or four days a week, which is why you get the repetition I routinely mock here. Today’s Funky Winkerbean really plays with that expectation; if you hadn’t seen yesterday’s strip, you’d assume from the first panel that Cliff Anger and his girlfriend had just finished up a vigorous and fully clothed lovemaking session after a long hiatus, only to discover in panel two that in fact they were just speaking extremely unnaturally about eating a meal in a restaurant. If you had seen yesterday’s strip, though, you’d assume they’d just finished up a vigorous and fully clothed lovemaking session at Los Angeles’s famous Brown Derby restaurant, an act that would’ve been frowned upon even in the club’s wild heyday. Panel two probably came as a great relief!