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Hello all! Do you enjoy funny comments? Well, enjoy this one, which is your top comment of the week, as selected … by me!

‘I’ve got a lot of living left to do!’ says Horrible Hank as he steps off the plane, falls from the ramp to the tarmac, and breaks his neck, just the way he wrote it in ‘One-Way Ticket to the Pearly Gates,’ Horrible Hank’s Tales to Depress, issue #38.” –seismic-2

These runners up are also extremely hilarious!

Dirty’s back! And I love the way he wears his eyepatch strap at a rakish, if logically impossible, angle. Unless he’s holding it on with electrical tape, which is even more stupendous.” –Pat Ferruzza, on Facebook

“It doesn’t really matter what Gen. Halftrack says, since the interviewer isn’t recording their talk and is barely even taking notes. I’m guessing he’s not really a reporter anyway, but a guy from the Army Psychological Division whose only real job is to check a box saying ‘Crazy’ or ‘Not Crazy.’” –BigTed

“Wait ’til your father hears about this! I’m going to talk to him right … OH DEAR CHRIST HIS FACE! WHERE IS HIS FACE?” –Joe Blevins

“Ha ha, who does Alice think she’s kidding with that ‘OMG?’ I mean come on, given Dennis’s age, she’d probably be… [counts mentally] …oh. Mid-thirties. If not younger. [stares out at the horizon] [walks silently into the ocean]” –Dan

“It’s not surprising that events in this strip occur out of time sequence. With the regular trips Alice takes to 1952 to buy Dennis his clothes and to get her hair done, that’s got to put a lot of strain on the space/time continuum. Something’s bound to break sooner or later.” –Larry McAwful

“Leave it to Marvin to envision a future survival scenario where he uses his own urine to rehydrate his freeze dried urine into some kind of Super Urine. Is this strip originally from Germany?” –Mikey

“I’m trying to figure out the original caption by reading the expressions. PJ is almost levitating with excitement, Dolly is smirking like Les Moore, Jeffy is not only smirking but has his arms folded in defiance, as if to say ‘Here’s something we know you’ll hate but you can’t do anything about,’ and Thel’s expression of dismay is weary enough that we know she’s been through this before. I think it’s ‘Daddy’s man-trap caught another heathen! Will you help us bury it when we’re done?’” –matt w

“Yeah, with these new flat screen TVs you can place them at any random angle near your chair. You don’t have to look straight at them to enjoy viewing goodness. I often let CSI: Wherever reruns waft gently over my profile of an evening, and I never have to worry about eye strain or radiation burns.” –made of wince


“And if the beholder has hair growing out of his eyeballs, well, God help us all.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Big product placement for TEK™ luggage, the preferred luggage of thieves!” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“He died doing something he loved: inconveniencing stewardesses.” –Old School Allie Cat

“Today’s strip is a setup for an exciting new plotline: Junior is disappointed that the old man can’t hold his liquor and passes out after three, maybe four gin and tonics. Wait, did I say ‘exciting’? Sorry, I temporarily forgot what that word meant.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“OK, so there’s a dog-woman (and I’m being kind here) with cat-eye glasses, rockin’ the Flintstone jewelry, all knockers-up, just waiting for some other abomination of nature to come along and Plugger. Is that it, Amy R. of Dallas, Texas? Is that it?” –Deacon Blues

“That sort of looks like an eagle, or maybe a griffin, on Dirty’s fake passport. Still, there should be no problem since it’s signed by King Leopold himself.” –Downpuppy

“Coach Kaz seems to be stuck in a Benjamin Button kind of situation, aging backwards in fashion sense. A decade ago he wore open-collar polo shirts and gelled his hair up into a terrible spiky Smash Mouth do. Now he’s rocking the Flock of Seagulls look with a sideburns and free-flowing mullet. Looking forward to the Coach rediscovering bell-bottoms soon.” –Schroduck

‘What is your purpose for traveling to America, Mister … Smith?’Spores! I’m being driven by a parasitic fungus to climb to the top of the Empire State Building and then my head’s going to explode and I’ll release this cargo of spores across New York City and … Sport. I mean sport.’” –Voshkod

“I think the cruelest interpretation of FW, within reason, would be that the cop is completely genuine about loving the pizza, and is now writing the ticket with sorrow in his heart because he can’t mitigate the ticket even for the owner of the restaurant he enjoys. So, because of what Funky said, EVERYONE in this situation suffers in some way. Pretty much exactly on-brand, then.” –Enlong

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