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Let’s jump right into this week’s COTW, y’all!

“Who’s eating arepas & bandeja paisa?/ And thinks this chica quiere bailar?/ Who’s gonna be a drug lord’s hostage?/ Everyone knows it’s Wilbur! [To the tune of The Association’s ‘Windy,’ of course.]” –Janna, on Twitter

The runners up are also hilarious!

“His rule for surviving prison seems to be: Say every last thought that comes into your head. There are no exceptions to this rule.” –Joe Blevins

“Of course, when your mom and I were young and we used to have threesomes, that was the original ‘Dagwood sandwich.’ True story! Wait, son, come back — this is your ‘birds and bees and sandwiches’ talk. Don’t you want to hear where I hid the salami? No, you can’t call Child Protective Services about this — you’re, like, 83!” –BigTed

That looks like an outtake from a trial-run Seinfeld newspaper strip from 1996.” –the phantom king, on Twitter

“And by ‘the holidays,’ I mean Christmas. Because let’s face it, Halloween is Satanic and Thanksgiving is a colonialist charade.” –Peanut Gallery

“‘Even you have to admit, Dad, that God is quite an artist,’ Pam said, standing in front of a solid azure background decorated with lazy cross-hatching.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“You know, while people make a big deal about Mark Trail’s fist of justice, one cannot underestimate his ability to bore people to death.” –Dood

“Welp, you referred to Mark as ‘Trail.’ Get ready for a vortex of fists, Baldy.” –Kevin On Earth

“If Rick Soto wants to be a dreamy pop singer, he’s gonna need some fine tuning on that nose.” –Rusty

“Although, to be honest, ‘scheme to defraud the customer out of $100’ is probably the most common way the Blondie core reader demographic acquires apps.” –Brian M

“I’m really sorry that we don’t get to see the image of Rick Soto singing earnestly into a spoon in the middle of what looks like the observation deck at the CN tower, I guess?” –pugfuggly

“The stripes on Judge Parker (Senior)’s head are just so perfect. He looks like a tube of Aquafresh toothpaste. You just want to squeeze him until all his hair extrudes, black and white stripes, a majestic zebra mane. And then just keep squeezing him until he shuts up and goes away forever.” –Voshkod

“I can almost believe in the pairing of Fabianna and Wilbur, but I cannot accept the inattention to detail. Forthwith: a) Fabianna has ‘jiggle’ lines drawn around all the body parts that can possibly jiggle except for her breasts and b) it’s totally unrealistic for Wilbur NOT to be looking at her breasts (especially when she has thrown her head back (in ecstacy?) and he would not have to worry about her noticing he is looking at her breasts). If I can’t believe in Fabianna’s breasts, what can I believe in?” –The Mighty Captain E

“Cayla wears number 143 because that’s her place on Les’s list of priorities.” –Little Blue Bicycle

“Choose wisely, Jeffy. ‘Son of Barfy’ would be a ridiculous serial killer name. You want headlines you won’t be embarrassed to paste in your scrapbook.” –Charles Nelson,Really!

“You gotta admit, that’s a lot of headflesh between Jeffy’s frontal cortex and his hands, so it’s understandable that some signals might get a little backed up.” –Vulcan With a Mullet

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