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Mark Trail, 1/6/18

Oh my God, in order to convince Rusty’s teacher (side note: Rusty goes to “school,” I guess?) to let him have time off to go to Mexico with his adoptive parents, Cherry had to pimp out her own father to the lonely, horny schoolmarm. Mark is bug-eyed in horror in panel two: one of his family is actually going to have to do sex with another human! Sure, Rusty is finally going to get to go fishing — but at what cost?

Spider-Man, 1/6/18

Ah, yes, threatening a hospital orderly, those notoriously overpaid and underworked health care functionaries, with physical violence unless your personal friend is given special treatment, and then looking on in satisfaction as he simpers with fear of your freakish, superhuman strength and does your bidding: truly the mark of a hero!