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Blondie, 5/8/18

“What’d you expect? A Tale of Two Cities? Did you think an important incident in my life was full of such pathos that it would rival one of the monumental works of English literature? That I experienced an episode of such intensity — marked by romance, revolutionary social change, shocking turns of fortune, and a final, noble sacrifice — that I would want to memorialize it forever in my own flesh? The truth is, as it happens, much more mundane, but I will always treasure how elevated my life seems in your imagination, Dagwood.”

Marvin, 5/8/18

I know I hate on Marvin a lot on this blog, but I have to give today’s strip credit for delivering a multilayered joke. Sure, on the surface, it just seems like a limp “Ha ha, remember disco, and Saturday Night Fever, a famous movie about disco?” gag. But it actually goes to the heart of these characters’ relationship — specifically, it shows us that Jeff will go to really elaborate and theatrical lengths to let his wife know that he thinks her hobbies are stupid.