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Mark Trail, 8/4/18

Sorry I haven’t talked about Mark Trail for, like, three weeks, but the whole time has just been Mark and Doctor Carter doing lots of dumb in-jokes about Indiana Jones and Trilogy of Terror, which, snooooooze. That’s the “security system” they’re talking about, the dumb fake idol from the Trilogy of Terror movie. Anyway, the children have been separated from the adults now, which, uh, never presages bad things, not at all, but at least for the moment let’s enjoy these adorable tiny deer? things? I very much want a Sunday strip teaching me all the fun facts about these guys!

Mary Worth, 8/4/18

Oh, good, Tommy just “realized” that he totally fixed his various addictions by thinking of them as sins rather than psychological or medical problems! Everything’s going to go completely smoothly from now on!