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Why it’s Friday, which is our day to enjoy the week’s top comment!

“No one in this comic has a lower jaw. Why is steak even on the menu?” –A Concerned Reader

And we also enjoy the runners up on this fine day as well. They’re hilarious!

“Tfw you read it as ‘having to go number four‘ and are wondering what the living conditions in colonial North Africa have done to the human excretory system” –Carl Lund, on Facebook

“In the last panel, Marvin’s thinking, ‘That’s all you got? I could have gotten off three perfectly good poop jokes in the time it took you to make one lousy gold pun.’” –Pozzo

“Did you know that Humboldt Martins are incredibly high all the time? After raiding the marijuana, they’d roll the leaves with their tiny little paws, and light them with their tiny little lighters. And now they’re endangered! You can believe all this ‘pesticide’ and ‘habitat’ crap that the syndicate is forcing me to say, but you must know what the true menace here is!” –Dimensionalotter

“If you’re trying to sell Millennials on golf, I don’t think this is the best platform for it. Don’t you have access to a Snapchat or a Waze or whatever?” –TheDiva

“It took exactly 100 years, but Mutt and Jeff’s hipster mustaches and thrift-store formalwear have finally come back into style. But they’d better hurry — in certain parts of Brooklyn and Portland, Hi and Lois-style ‘suburban backyard normcore’ is about to be the next big thing.” –BigTed

“Mary, did you hear? Old Man Wynter’s dog has died. Yes, Fenrir, beast of slaughter, has died, and the Fates are in turmoil. Can the Fimbulwynter come without the wolf that devours the sky? Who will Víðarr kill if the wolf is dead? Anyway, I’m off to see Jörmungandr, the world-encircling serpent, to see if we can save Ragnarök and bring down the gods. Wish me luck?” –Voshkod

“Ha! It’s funny because, in real life, Ed would have suffered third-degree burns and probably died! But instead, he’s just bewildered and covered in soot like Wile E. Coyote after an Acme malfunction! Tell me again how someone in this same fictional universe had cancer and we were supposed to care about it.” –Joe Blevins

“Hmm … an early 2000s Toyota Tercel … and it’s been freshly chewed…” –pugfuggly

“Like steampunk, Hi and Lois is a curious paradox. On the one hand, today’s strip wouldn’t make sense before the invention of mobile phones, but on the other, it relies entirely on 1950s values (housewives, henpecked husbands, wearing suits to work, boozy workday lunch). Is there a name for this aesthetic? Picketpunk?” –Schroduck

My wife doesn’t tell me what to order for lunch! She couldn’t anyway, we haven’t spoken in months.” –Ettore

“All right, I think I figured out what’s up with Toby and her attitude toward dogs. Her name is Toby. She probably heard ‘oh, that’s what our dog was called!’ a thousand too many times, and now finds only grim satisfaction in the mortality of those beloved pets.” –pachoo

“It’s starting to get boring? Has Dennis not been reading his own strip all these decades?” –JJ48

“We’re not even gonna address the fact that Beetle and Sarge have laid out a multi-course meal with wine, as is definitely super-appropriate for a drill sergeant and his private? Okay then, how about the incongruously informal chairs, which suggest Sarge and Beetle put this romantic meal together themselves on the DL, and Beetle is absolutely right to ask why Sarge is taking pictures.” –Dan

Hagar the Horrible almost made me laugh out loud for Helga’s whiplash-inducing appearance in the strip. ‘Hamlet: How much do you know about ancient history? Hagar: Well son, it depends on– Helga: (there) HE KNOWS ENOUGH NOT TO REPEAT IT! Hagar: GAHH! I told you to carry tic tacs!’ Honestly, she looks tired. I’m worried about Helga.” –Maggie

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